Let us introduce you to Cashmio.

The world of online gambling is an exciting place and the private Club brings you into the games like nothing else. This VIP service ensures that players have premium service and earn loyalty points. The more you play, the more you earn. Members earn perks including bonuses on twin spin slot machine, additional free spins, and rewards for recruiting friends to join. There is a small monthly fee or you can make one initial deposit of at least $1000 into your account to join. In return your account will credited with funds that can be used in any of the online games at Cashmio online casino. In addition to the above, you’ll also get an annual loyalty bonus and a little something extra on your birthday, just for being a member of the Private Club. However, if you wish to try out a new online casino, we recommend you to mr green and oranje casino. You can find out about  oranje casino bonus informatie,

In addition to perks for playing, there are levels you can move up through as you play the games. Initial members are gold level. This level entitles members to the above mentioned perks. Once a member reaches a certain level in play they move up to the platinum level. Once here, the rewards only increase, if you’re interested and want find out more about blackjack, asiancasinocentral.com/blackjack  provides you with the best information.The payouts are faster, more free spins and additional loyalty bonuses are associated with this tier of membership. Members of the platinum level Club SatNight are offered early access to competitions and have exclusive access to games. There are prizes available in these games including trips, VIP concerts, and more. Be sure to check out these bonuses and prices on onlinegokkengids.com to be sure you are getting the best offer.

For those who want to reach the ultimate level of VIP status, there is the diamond level membership. Members who have played long enough, and paid in enough will be treated to the type of rewards you would expect of an online player at this level. The top level membership includes invitations to exclusive events, such as poker tournaments, black jack tournaments, and 5-star treatment. There are online and in person events, all tied to the VIP diamond level member. Weekend trips with concerts, fine dining, and, of course, online gambling, are exclusive perks for members at this level.

At all levels, high rollers will see the benefits of membership. Not sure if membership right for you? For people who enjoy gambling online, where they can be comfortable at home or in a lovely hotel traveling, the rewards are great. This club is designed to increase the value of your initial deposit and speed up the return on your gameplay. At the higher levels there are perks you might expect of an in person casino, such as access to concerts and exclusive trips.

New tragaperras aka slot games, greater rewards, and a community of fellow enthusiasts are the best reasons to join.

For those who aren’t sure membership is right, there is a monthly option. Just set your account for the monthly deposit option and you can try out membership at the gold level for a month. Cancelling is simple and there is even a 10 day no-hassle money back offer for first time subscribers. If you like it, the benefits will continue to add up and you can work towards the next level.